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Energy Audits

We perform detailed Energy Auditsthat identify energy wastage.  We find ways to cut your business energy bill and in the process reduce your carbon footprint.  Energy prices are constantly rising and if you invest now you can save money in the future.
We can help save you money and reduce your company carbon footprint
We take the time to understand your business or industry and assess the way you use energy.

Our qualified Electrical Engineers/Energy Efficiency consultants will inspect your lighting to assess the potential for savings.  We also inspect every appliance that uses electrical energy in your business.  Appliances include computers, lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration, motors, machinery, compressors, boilers, heaters, etc.

We place energy meters and loggers that monitor to fully capture actual usage for full energy analysis. Your energy tariffs are checked.

Energy Wastage discovered & solutions presented
All observed energy waste is revealed to you.  We then outline the best options available for your circumstances, in order  to improve energy efficiency, hence saving money by reducing your energy bills.

As energy initiatives are implemented, cost estimates, payback period and lifecycle costs are calculated in your review.  Energy initiatives are customised and engineered to achieve the best possible solution for your business.

About our Energy Audits

At green smart solutions we have 5 different types of energy audits, one to suit your particular business needs.

1 – The “Express” Energy Audit:
The objective of the ‘Express Audit’ is to quickly assess your business energy use and outline your potential to save energy at your particular site. Our electrical engineer will spend 2 hours in total on site and will walk through your facility to find as many site-specific energy saving opportunities as possible during this time. For this package we require your undivided attention as we communicate our findings verbally rather than providing a formal typed up report.

2 – The “Standard” Energy Audit:
For this package we will have more time to inspect your premises thoroughly and provide you with a concise written report of our findings. Our electrical engineer will spend a total of 3 hours on site and 1 hour in our office for this assignment. We will find as many site-specific opportunities to save energy as possible within the timeframe.

3 – “Overview Audit” site walk through - Level 1- Australian Standard AS/NZS 3598

At level 1 audit, sometimes called overview, allows the overall energy consumption of your site to be evaluated, to determine whether energy use is reasonable or excessive. It provides initial benchmarks of a site so that the effect of the energy measures can be tracked and evaluated. It may be in the form of a desktop study; however the information given to or gathered by, the auditor needs to be sufficient to enable the overall efficiency of the site to be determined.

4 – “Energy Use Audit” - Level 2- Australian Standard AS/NZS 3598

This includes brief recommendations.
A level 2 Audit identifies the sources of energy to a site, the amount energy supplied, and what the energy is used for. It also identifies areas where savings may be made, recommends measures to be taken, and provides a statement of costs and potential savings.

5 – “Detailed Analysis Audit”- Level 3- Australian Standard AS/NZS 3598

This is designed to extract the maximum possible energy savings available from your site.
A level 3 audit provides a detailed analysis of energy usage, the savings that can be made, and the cost of achieving those savings. It may cover the whole site or single item, such as a single industry process, or one of the services.